The debate and fighting between Israel and Palestine has been ongoing for hundreds of years at this point and due to significant religious differences the fighting is expected to continue almost indefinitely. Obviously each side of the fighting believes that they are correct so it really is quite difficult to come to any one solution that satisfies both sides of the fight.

One side of the argument comes from the Israeli side, the Israeli population believe that the Palestinians should not be allowed to continue living where they are on the West Bank. There are a number of religious and political reasons for this belief and this alone is primarily what has sparked a large majority of the fighting.

The other side of the argument comes from the Palestinians. Not too surprisingly, the Palestinians believe exactly the opposite in terms of land ownership and the right to remain where they are. Currently the Palestinian people legally control a large amount of land and regardless of what the Israelis believe the Palestinians have continued to stand their ground. This is what has led to a large amount of fighting and physical resistance in the past and it is what is still causing a large amount of violence today.

IsraelThe Palestinian and Israeli conflict is still a very ongoing argument with lots of fighting and violence but at this point it does not look like any major change is going to take place. Regardless of what side of the fight you support there is no need for the violence against innocent people. Political and religious differences are all that separate the people of Israel from those of Palestine and in nearly every way they agree otherwise.

There are hundreds of places to research and learn about the ongoing conflict so if you wish to learn more there are plenty of ways to do so. The ongoing battle will likely continue for years to come and it is frequently in the media as well so the conflict is definitely expanding and changing every year as well. Researching the conflict is quite interesting and might be the best way to learn about the world’s oldest ongoing political and religious feud. Palestine and Israel will likely continue to fight for years to come so learn what you can now so that you can determine which side of the battle you feel should be supported.

ADRID is an association for the defence of the rights of the internally displaced persons in Israel.


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